An All-English Critical Thinking Academy in Tokyo

Who Are The New Pioneers?

New Pioneers are the young members of the most globalized, international facing generation in history. They will shape the economic, social, and political landscape of the future using tools that don’t yet exist today.

New Pioneers know the value of learning, not just as a means to pass a test, but as a way to build critical and analytical thinking skills and be able to engage with the world around them.

New Pioneers dream big, and are the leaders of tomorrow. They realize that how you think is just as important as what you know. We work with these students to help them reach their full potential, and boldly move forward.

The Courses We Offer

Returnee/Expat Program

After spending time living abroad, coming back to Japan can be both an exciting and stressful time in a student’s life.

Since many foreign classrooms emphasize discussion, global education, and critical thinking skills, students may find themselves lost once they’re studying in Japan.

At The New Pioneers Academy, students can continue their studies, growing and sharpening the knowledge and perspective they started cultivating while abroad.

Study Abroad Prep Program

It’s exciting to study abroad, but many students from Japan worry that they won’t be able to make friends, that they don’t know enough about the country they are going to and the education they had, or that their English simply won’t be good enough.

The skills you need to succeed when studying outside Japan are very different from studying here in Japan.

That’s why we have developed a curriculum to help students to get the most benefit from studying abroad in English speaking countries.

The Purpose Of Our Programs

Critical Thinkers, Decision Makers, Leaders

We started our school to help young learners who want to develop their critical thinking abilities, decision making power and confidence. Our mission is to fan the flames of excitement and passion for learning that we believe live within all of us, and help to empower the next generation of leaders.

Collaboration, Not Memorization

Most classes leave the students out of their own education. Listen to the teacher, take rigorous notes and memorise the whole lot, because it will be on the test and you can’t afford to fail. That is not what we do.

We offer a process of education that enables growth both within a group and individually. The greatest achievements of humankind have been collaborative, so we provide an environment where students work together, learning leadership and co-operation skills to make their vision come to life, rather than waiting for the teacher to mark their work and give them a grade.


Learn from Failure

The system we grew up in stigmatises mistakes. They tell students from a young age that there is one right answer and it is their job to find the answer that the teacher is looking for.

Our school is not about forcing students to look for the right answer, because there is rarely just one. Nor are we about punishing mistakes. Our course curriculum is based on a philosophy of growth and meaning, and allowing a student a safe space to fail without punishment, so they will learn how to find real success from the experience.

Problem Solving

We live in an ever changing world that will be far different from the world we grew up in. To succeed in this volatile economy you need to be adaptable, open to change, creative and ready to lead. We help our students prepare for that future.

The Teachers

Diego Medrano

Diego Medrano

Government | History

I’ve seen firsthand the potential inside of young students, brimming with creative and critical thinking energy that seeks to get out. I wanted to provide a place where they can exercise their intellectual prowess, receive an international education and build their skills and knowledge to be relevant and competitive in the modern world.

My love of politics and government began at an early age, inspiring me to study politics and work on political campaigns to put myself through college. I received my bachelors from Syracuse University with dual majors in political science and international relations, and my masters in international affairs from the George Washington University.

In my political career, I’ve worked on a New York State Assembly campaign, a New York State Senate campaign, a New York congressional campaign, and held senior positions on a San Francisco Assessor’s campaign, a San Francisco Mayoral campaign, and a California Assembly campaign.

In my governmental career, I’ve worked in the Office of San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, the U.S Agency for International Development, the Office of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, the Office of Senator Hillary Clinton, and the Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

After moving to Japan in 2014, I’ve held positions teaching politics, government, international relations, and economics at Keio University Senior High School, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Meiji Gakuin University, and Hiroo High School.

Charlie Moritz

Charlie Moritz

Applied Philosophy | Entrepreneurship

My mission is to help young people to engage with their passions and find what they were born to do, and I will work every day to succeed.

I attended Warwick University in my homeland of the UK, and got my undergraduate degree in Philosophy with Psychology in 2010, right after the financial markets crashed.

After two years of working in Marketing at Tesco PLC and then a Cuban Travel Company, I decided it was time to make a change. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of moving to Japan and started teaching in August 2012. I learned everything I could about teaching and applied my research skills to become the best teacher I could be. I have built my teaching career on giving young learners a chance to shine.

I lived in Fukuoka and Nagoya, then moved to Tokyo in 2015. I have taught debate classes at high school, returnees to boost their fluency in English, junior high and high school students preparing to study abroad and even my own bakery classes to adults in Tokyo.

With a keen interest in modern educational methods and a strong belief in learning through collaboration and mindfulness, I have found great joy in watching my students flourish through English and liberal arts.

Do you see what we see?

If you see the change coming and want to prepare for it, you should consider taking one of our free trial lessons to get a real experience of the kind of change we seek to make.

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