We have to teach children how to collaborate in order to solve the problems that they will face in the post-industrial world.

Our schools were never designed to teach how to work together to solve problems. In the modern world, this will be the difference that will help young people to enter the job market with confidence. Your strengths are valuable as they are another’s weaknesses, and your weaknesses are covered by others strengths.

“Almost every great innovation, political theory or scientific breakthrough has sprung from creative thinking.” – Jesse Richardson

Our ability to be creative is stifled by gearing our entire education system towards learning for the tests, giving the right answer (whatever that means), and doing all of this by ourselves, without working with our friends and peers on innovative solutions that use all of our strengths.

One person does not build a house alone.

One person does not make a movie alone.

One person does not create a smartphone that changes the world alone.

We work together with others to do our best work. Why are we still testing our students only on their individual skills?