The New Pioneers Academy works with young people to teach how to excel in the creative, digital and modern world.

Who is this for?

We started our school to help parents who want to develop their children’s critical thinking abilities, decision making power and their confidence. Our mission is to fan the flames of excitement and passion for learning that we believe live within all of us, and that standardised education does not encourage.


If your dream is for your child to land in a big company or a government job, this course might not be what you are looking for.

But if you want your child to get a leg up on their competition and deeply understand how to build their value in the post-industrial world, this is the place to be.

What change do we seek to make?

The Industrial Age is over, and we are just now realising that the education that got us here won’t get us where we need to go.


We aim to prepare students for an ever changing world that will be different than the world we grew up in. To succeed in this volatile economy you need to be adaptable, open to change, creative and ready to lead. This is the change we work to make.

Our Philosophy of Education

The system we grew up in stigmatises mistakes.


“psst… the answer is in the back of the book, but don’t look because that’s cheating, and don’t ask your friends about it because that’s cheating too.” – Ken Robinson


Our school is not about forcing students to look for the right answer, and punishing mistakes. Our course curriculum is based on a philosophy of growth and meaning, and allowing a student to fail so they will find real success from the experience.


The classes we endeavour to teach are based on the most powerful and transformative methods of learning that we have used: trial and error, learning by doing and personal value.


Will this be on the test?

Most classes leave the students out of their own education.

Listen to the teacher, take rigorous notes and memorise the whole lot, because it will be on the test and you can’t afford to fail.


In the real world, you pass and fail in equal measure, and this is how we grow. Every day is a test, and memorising facts and figures to pass it won’t help you find a job you can love.


We offer a proccess of education that allows individual growth both within a group and individually. Every achievement of humankind has been collaborative, so we provide am environment where students work together, learning leadership and co-operation to make change happen, rather than waiting for the teacher to mark their work and give them a grade.

This is not a Juku for practising or preparing for tests, and we don’t offer certification or a qualification for students who graduate from our program. Our course will not prepare students to pass the tests at Japanese junior high and high schools.

The change we wish to make within our students is a change in mindset about their own talents and mindset. It is about self-confidence and an ability to see things that their peers have been trained out of seeing.

We encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning outcomes, and build up self-knowledge powerful connections that put our students above those who cram for tests and forget what they learned as soon as the test is over.

Whether it is the West or the East, the days where one was guaranteed a job after getting a college degree are long over. True job security comes from having skills and a thought process that makes you invaluable to your industry. Our school will teach the reasoning skills necessary to move forward in an uncertain age, where the most desireable jobs of today didn’t exist ten years ago, and the best jobs of tomorrow don’t exist yet.

This course is aimed at fluent English speakers aged 14-18.