Study Abroad Prep Course

Moving abroad is hard, and getting ready for an education system completely different from what you have grown up with is even harder. We help prepare students to be ready and enjoy their experience abroad.

Growing Pains Studying Abroad

Imagine Tetsuya, a 15 year old Japanese boy, who is going to study in America in September. He has always been a great student and followed what the teacher tells him, and had fantastic grades all through junior high school. The problem is that he isn’t ready for the demands of a rigorous modern education in a foreign country. He isn’t ready to be asked what his opinions are about important historical figures, complicated philosophical ideas or what he believes about what a good society does.

How could he be ready when he has grown up in a completely different system taught in a different language? It’s just not reasonable to expect him to thrive and get the most out of the incredible opportunity of studying abroad.


The skills you need to succeed when studying outside Japan are very different from studying here in Japan, and that’s why we have developed a curriculum to help students to get the most benefit from studying abroad in English speaking countries.

Tetsuya doesn’t know what to expect. While he is feeling excited to study abroad, he is also afraid that he won’t be able to make friends, learn in an all-English environment or figure out how to succeed not only in education but in life after school.

If you or your child are planning to study abroad and feel like you aren’t ready for what’s coming, our class is for you.


Free Trial Classes

We get it, you aren't sure about this and you want to see for yourself what the class will be like. That's why from October 2017 we'll be arranging free trial classes for interested applicants to our school. No obligations, just let us show you the incredible change that can happen when you enrol in a New Pioneers class.

What will students achieve by the end of the course?

Students who finish the New Pioneers Academy study abroad prep program will:

  • Be better able to adapt to their new environment abroad.
  • Have the confidence to make friends (not only meeting other Japanese abroad).
  • Be able to voice their opinion, discuss and justify their position.

Do you see what we see?

If you see the change coming and want to prepare for it, you should consider taking one of our free trial lessons to get a real experience of the kind of change we seek to make.

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