The Class

How do we want to change the classrooms of the 21st century? What do we do in our classroom that will help us achieve the change we are trying to make?

Flipped Classroom

In many of our classes we use the flipped classroom. The principle is simple:

In a regular classroom the teacher stands at the front lecturing to the students about the topic, then the students go home and try to apply the knowledge to a set of problems.

In a flipped classroom it is the opposite. The homework is to read, listen to or get a basic understanding of the concepts (by reading a set text, watching an explanatory video or listening to a podcast), and then in the classroom we work on solving the problems or discussing the implications together. This means that we can help the students understand and apply the concepts rather than leaving them to do that without any guidance.

Employees in a company would not be expected to show up to a strategy meeting without preparing and expecting to be told what to do during the meeting, would they?

Integrating Technology

Technology is useful insofar as it helps the teacher connect with the students.

  • We use Google Classroom to communicate with students about their assignments and ensure they are meeting their learning objectives and distribute digital resources.
  • We use Google Docs for writing assignments and sharing written information with students for homework and classroom assignments. It’s just like Microsoft Word, only collaborative.
  • We use Canva for presentation design and simple graphic design in our Entrepreneurship courses.
  • We use YouTube as a learning platform and to engage students with tasks through visual learning.

Google Classroom

Google Docs



Not For The Test

Most classrooms throughout the 19th and 20th centuries taught students for the jobs they would have after leaving school: accountant, shop manager, personal assistant, lawyer, and factory worker.

Some of those jobs still exist and shouldn’t be forgotten in the education process, but a diverse set of new jobs that require entirely different methods of thinking are becoming the most popular and sought after careers in the world. Community manager, brand consultant, interior designer, personal shopper, software/game designer, user experience designer, independent online film-maker – the list could go on forever.

We are not here to teach towards a test, but to help our students explore subjects and topics that they will someday become thought leaders in.

Do you see what we see?

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