The Why

Why are we starting this school? Why now? Why choose us?

What is the problem?

Schools and governments around the world are so focussed on getting great test results that they forget that testing can only show us the results of a small portion of what we want our students to learn. We assess through memorizing of facts, but schools rarely teach students how to deal with the workplace, how to work with others or how to have high but attainable standards.

Why is this a problem?

It is a problem because the world has changed, and while traditional schooling helps some, a large number of children have their passions and strengths left behind by a system that measures us on what we know, not how we think.

What is our society doing about it?

Societies like Finland and Sweden (countries that lead the world in education outcomes) are doing away with traditional school subjects and teaching topics instead. A topic like The European Union will introduce students to the importance of language, economics, culture and history, all the while putting them in context. Students intrinsically find value when gifted with this kind of learning environment, and its an approach that we seek to replicate in the classroom.

Our experience shows us the way.

Our teachers have real world experience in the subjects we teach. This isn’t a theoretical armchair discussion about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, nor a disembodied political theory that may or may not be relevant to the students lives or passions. This is real, and we will put into immediate practice what we are learning, because then can we learn what it feels like to change.

The solution that will help young people to find their value in the world.

Liberal arts are a way to communicate with society and ourselves about what change we want to see in the world. It gives us a frame of understanding the world around us, and our place in it. Unlike other disciplines that prepare you to do a thing, the liberal arts helps us understand what it is that should be done. Students naturally want to debate, discuss, explore, question, and dissect complex concepts. At New Pioneers, we encourage our students and provide them the tools to do just that.

Do you see what we see?

If you see the change coming and want to prepare for it, you should consider taking one of our free trial lessons to get a real experience of the kind of change we seek to make.

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